Semi Permanent Hair Stroke Brows

Eyebrows frame our face and they are one of our most defining features. Enhanced Beauty Cosmetics specialise in Permanent Cosmetics throughout Chester, Wales & Wirral.


They frame your face, emphasize your eyes, and accentuate your expression. Brows are pivotal in giving symmetry to the face.


With Micropigmentation you can throw away those brow pencils and powders.  If your brows are unsymmetrical, if you have gaps in your brows due to a scars or even if your brows are sparse or non existent due to over plucking throughout the years with the help of micropigmentation you won’t have to worry about smudging brows or reapplying throughout your day.

Semi Permanent Lip Blush

Whether you simply want to add youthful fresh colour to faded lips, or improve definition to your lip line.

This is a fabulous treatment that can give you the pout you want, without the fear of it smudging or the hassle of having to reapply, it will stay perfect 24/7. 

And best of all anyone can have it from 18yrs to 80yrs+


*We correct asymmetrical lip lines and design them more proportionally
*Camouflages scars
*Improve the appearance of thin lips
*We Tailor the colour pigment to your desired favourite lipstick shade, whether you are after a natural or a more dramatic look we are here to meet your needs
*You get the pout you always wanted without the need for fillers.


With any of our permanent cosmetic treatments we always arrange a consultation prior to the treatments to allow us to meet one another and discuss your future treatment.

We also give you this time to go through our medical disclosure forms, general consent and patch testing, this will help us also to decided if medically you are suitable for the treatment.  Once forms have been filled we will start designing your perfect pout to give you an idea of the finished shape. Once happy will will arrange treatment date.

Lip Treatments available


Lip Blush


Lip Liner


Full Lip Colour

Semi Permanent Lash Enhancement

Lashes can be made to look thicker by applying a soft, natural line between the lashes creating instant definition. This is incredibly effective at ‘opening the eyes’. A slightly more defined line can be created for those clients who wish to emphasise and add more definition to their eyes or who regularly apply eyeliner.

Eye liner and Eyelash enhancement treatments are incredibly effective at drawing attention to the eyes and can be as subtle or dramatic as required. The eyelash enhancement treatment is the implanting of pigment in-between the lashes along the lash line and is an amazing ‘eye opener’. The result is very similar to the effect that a ‘mascara wand’ leaves behind after application, except that it’s permanent.


All Brow and Lash treatments require a skin test 48hrs prior to treatment
A £50.00 Deposit is required on all Permanent Cosmetics which are non refundable
We also require a patch test 48 hours before treatment
Free parking available
Gift vouchers available ask in store for details
Free 30 min Consultation
Offering information advice follwing forthcoming treatment